Lotte Mart RE:EARTH Brand eXperience Design
Lotte Mart’s RE:EARTH is an eco-friendly campaign brand with the meaning of ‘Renew the earth again’. The campaign needed an identity ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design
IMNEWRUN Corporate Brand eXperience Design
An enterprise-academia biotechnology company IMNEWRUN is a new bio corporate model in global industry that ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design
KT&G ICE BLAN Cigarette Branding & Packaging
Global tobacco company KT&G released low-toxic, odor-reducing cigarette “ICE BLAN”. This product targets young people and has ...
Graphic Design, Logo Design, Packaging
SALAD SHOP Brand eXperience
Salad Shop is a brand that against the simple and typical taste, and aims for healthy food culture. By dividing the inside of the ‘Circle’ ...
Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design, Packaging
WILLB Corporate Brand eXperience
TANGIBLE. developed a corporate identity design project for WILLB, an IT company that provides Innovative engineering solutions for AR, VR ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Interaction Design
Conducted a project to develop a new visual identity to create synergy, in harmony with the existing interior decoration of ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Interior Design
Carried out a project to renew the package design and brand logo of the cosmetics brand, “La Palette”. which was that it uses a lot of ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
Hongmandang is a brand that started off as a brand specializing in strawberry desserts. But the brand was in desperate need ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
“MIMINKO” is a pet brand which pursues Northern European lifestyle, providing lovely pets and their family with moments of ...
Branding, Character Design, Graphic Design
A project to develop the brand identity for the pet café to be newly launched by the pet item brand MIMINKO was carried out.
Branding, Character Design, Graphic Design
A brand development project for a shared office to be newly launched by Lotte Property & Development was carried out.
Branding, Character Design, Graphic Design
A project to develop a brand for the integrated logistics center to be newly launched by IGIS Asset Management was carried out.
Branding, Character Design, Graphic Design
A project to develop the brand for a newly launched Pilates studio was carried out. The key task was to showcase a brand that ...
Branding, Graphic Design
2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games Opening Animation
PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games Animation Design Tangible developed the Pyeong Chang 2018 opening animation for Olympic ...
Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Korea Para Ski branding is a project that heightens the public attention on Para Ski and the pride of the athletes. The combination ...
Branding, Graphic Design
A project to develop the brand identity of MOHA, a fashion brand for pets that helps shedding of cats, was carried out. 
Branding, Character Design, Graphic Design
KT&G Fiit
‘Fiit’, which is an exclusive cigarette for KT&G’s electronic cigarette ‘Lil’, reaches high user satisfaction with its reduced smoke and odor ...
Branding, Packaging, Graphic Design
A CI renewal project to be applied worldwide was carried out. To capture the pride and reliability of the Kia brand in its CI, the oval ...
Branding, Graphic Design
Sebang Battery's brand 'ROCKET' is the world's top 10 storage battery brand that is exported to 130 countries. The ROCKET ...
Branding, Graphic Design
Beaucre Merchandising presents Holzheim a brand new premium townhouse that pursues a natural lifestyle.
Branding, Graphic Design
The brand identity of ‘Beast Plant’, a dark fitness brand where a boxing workout can be enjoyed with electronic music selected ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
Kia THE K9
The new K9 emblem gives dignified and exclusive impression. Also, the new emblem of subdivision models ‘masters, quantum and ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
Brand naming ‘IN10S’ utilizes the word ‘INTENSE’ which acquires a ‘special, effective, and strong’ meaning. Emphasized ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction
The brand name 'Z.A.G.POT' was driven from a dynamic concept of the casino to break away from its typical business platform.
Branding, Graphic Design
The CI of WE START, a brand that supports low income children and local communities, was newly developed.
Branding, Graphic Design
A new brand identity was developed for the launch of KT’s smart wallet application brand, CLIP. The key task was to develop a brand ...
Branding, Graphic Design
POP design was developed for American Express. The objective was to raise brand awareness in the Korean market and establish ...
POP Identity
A project to renew the brand identity of Selecto Coffee and develop a new visual identity was carried out. The task was to maintain ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
A project on a new signage system for Hyundai Motor Company’s showroom was carried out. The task was to express natural ...
Branding, Signage
A project to launch a cosmetics brand targeting early adopters of a younger age was carried out. The task was to deliver a brand ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
A project to design the emblem for Kia’s high functioning subline, GT, was carried out. The task was to express a dynamic driving ...
Graphic Design
A project to develop the brand identity of Café UO, a combined space that brings together a co-working space and a café, ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
A project for the bakery café brand to be newly launched by the café brand COFFEA was carried out. The objective was to develop ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
A project to launch TONIN, Korea’s first Orgel museum was carried out. The task was to express the excellent healing properties ...
Branding, Packaging
Before the international launch of ZIKTO, a wearable device brand based on global crowd funding, its brand identity and package ...
Branding, Packaging
A project to establish the brand identity of arijian, a brand for traditional and artisanal interior items was carried out.
Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
A new signage system for Intercontinental Long Beach Resort on the island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam was developed.
Graphic Design, Signage
With the sponsorship of Seoul Metropolitan Government, the brand for Seoul’s transport and map application to be launched ...
Branding, Graphic Design
morning decal design
The Decal design to be applied to the leading lightweight brand of Kia Motors, “Morning” was developed. The objective was to go ...
Graphic Design
A project to renew the package design of THE ONE, a tobacco brand of KT&G was carried out. The objective was to overcome ...
Graphic Design, Packaging
TANGIBLE SPACE is a holistic branding project based on the idea of a ‘creative space for creators’. The objective is to establish ...
Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging
A project on the package design of the gold label, a premium line of KT&G’s tobacco brand “THE ONE” will be carried out.
Graphic Design, Packaging
The brand identity will be established for SOVOGUE, a brand specializing in in fur and targeting the Chinese market.
Branding, Packaging
A project to newly launch a P2P financial services brand will be carried out. The objective is to avoid an image of competitive ...
Branding, Graphic Design
the Garden
Work regarding the brand identity and signage system for the retail brand “the Garden”, to be newly launched in Hanoi, ...
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