Multiplex Exhibitor & Entertainment Branding

Conducted a project to develop a new visual identity to create synergy, in harmony with the existing interior decoration of
Lotte Cinema. Lotte cinema is a brand that seeks to become more than just a cinema, but a cultural platform.
The objective was to use symbolic visual elements such as visual graphics, signage, typography and pictograms to consistently
portray the values of the brand. We developed the design concept named “Dual Focus” by visually re-interpreting Wainscoting,
a key spatial element.
The Wainscoting line with its classical image stands for cultural experience and values that stand the test of time.
With the double-layered graphic motif of Wainscoting, the brand values of Lotte Cinema that focuses on the cultural life of its
customers are shown. The frame format of the Visual Identity reminiscent of screenshots or photos shows that Lotte Cinema is a place
where memorable moments are experienced.​​​​​​​
The frame format that is developed further in various ways deliver the message of Lotte Cinema as an ultimate cultural platform that
increases the depth and width of cultural life. In terms of function, classical colors and highly visible vintage colors were used together
to add liveliness while drawing in the gaze of the viewers, and guide the customers in an effective way.

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