Electronic Cigarette Branding

‘Fiit’, which is an exclusive cigarette for KT&G’s electronic cigarette ‘Lil’, reaches high user satisfaction with its reduced smoke and odor
compared to existing tobacco products. Prior to release ‘Fiit’, Tangible tried to emphasize the design applying features of the product 
and the target for consumers who look for an ‘optimized’ product letting them keep in the pink(or fit). The rounded box surrounding
typography ‘Fiit’ is the type of reinterpretation of ‘I’ which emphasizes myself(I) pursuing ‘Well-Life’ while it alludes to correlation with ‘Lil’. 
When opening the package, consumers can experience a new sensuous feeling through witty words representing the next generation in
the tobacco industry. KT&G has moved forward progressively to become a global corporation with a novel(new) power, electronic

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