Enterprise-academia Biotechnology Company Branding

An enterprise-academia biotechnology company IMNEWRUN is a new bio corporate model in
global industry that integrates the merits of a university and a corporation, and it needs an
effective visual solution to communicate with users and the public. 
Our goal is to develop a graphic motif that reflects the mission and core value of IMNEWRUN and
differentiate it from other related corporations by excluding customarily used direct graphic
motifs such as nerve cells and DNA. Representing the strengths and the philosophy of
IMNEWRUN, the new graphic motif 'Bow to Tomorrow' symbolizes a bow that implies the precise
target therapy, intensive care, and pioneering spirit.  At the same time, this new motif shows
the logo emotionally by using a symbol mark that describes 'human face' that stands for uniting
the participating members of IMNEWRUN. 
The vivid and modern corporate color is the most basic color that consists of humankind, and it
is an essential element to create various colors by blending and harmony.  These colors are in
the same context with that the innovation comes from serendipity and diversity among
the participating members in the IMNEWRUN learning platform. The application design,
reminding the contemporary art, become a creative stimulus in the innovative and life
contributing fields such as the medical institution, the research institution, pharmaceutical
company, and even educational institution.​​​​​​​

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