HB01 (Haebang gongwon)
Cafe Branding

Studio Tangible conducted a brand identity project for HB01, a new bakery café brand launching near Yongsan Haebangchon. Seeking to express a carefree image of daily life and the relaxed atmosphere of a café, we utilized a character, "Haebang", reflecting the free and creative image befitting the brand name "Haebang" meaning freedom in Korean.
The blue and pink drawing line symbolizes the freedom of Haebang, momentarily escaping from the constraints of daily life. The initial "h" decorating Haebang's bangs signifies his enjoyment of life to the fullest.
Through the brand identity of illustration technique, Tangible depicted HB01 as an open space for everyone, where café extends enjoyable and relaxing experiences. Haebang's unique story, portrayed with wit in various materials effectively conveys the brand's mood.

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