Yonsei university's multi culture space branding
Situated beneath the central road of Yonsei University, Baekyangnuri is an open complex cultural space brand catering to both campus and external communities. Studio tanGiBle, in developing a fresh identity, first delved into the spatial features of Baekyangnuri and explored the inherent characteristics of a multifaceted cultural space.
The key spatial element of Baekyangnuri is the "staircase." Users gather and utilize the staircase as a hub, facilitating movement to various spaces within Yonsei University. The staircase's function aligns with the purpose of a multifaceted cultural space, emphasizing interaction and relaxation. Studio tangible, recognizing this, used the staircase as a motif in developing the identity.
The identity, representing the initials "ㅂㅇㄴㄹ" from the Korean brand name Baekyangnuri, is depicted in the structure of stairs. This visual interpretation combines the architectural characteristics of Korean consonants with a modern aesthetic. The color palette consists of a modern black, a reinterpretation of Yonsei University's UI blue, and a green symbolizing the future generation, creating a representation of harmony between the present and the future.
Having opened its doors at the end of 2023, the transformed Baekyangnuri welcomes a diverse range of users, including Yonsei University students and staff, as well as external visitors and travelers exploring Korea.


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